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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

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The Transition From Traditional to Modern Teaching Methods

Transition To Modern Classrooms

Traditional classrooms and schools emphasize on physical presence and attendance by the students. If they did not have the means to reach the school, they would miss out on getting proper education. Although the traditional methods of teaching in a classroom did work, there are much better ways. 

For instance, online learning changed the way students attended their classes. Students can attend the classes from their homes or anywhere with an internet connection. Digital learning also benefits regular classes. With the use of digital  content, learning becomes fun and intuitive. Student’s take deeper interest in what is being taught and form stronger understanding of the topics. Another added benefit of tech-integrated classrooms is having audio-visual modules. 

As great as all of these benefits are, having better digital literacy and competency is the most important thing. With technological advances growing speedily, being able to adjust to it, is a significant feature of modern education technology

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How Education Technology for Students Can Be Life-Changing

Education Technology’s growth is looking to be exponential in the coming decade or two. Throughout this period, students will become technologically sound and experience learning in a completely different way than what we are used to.

Empowering Students

The Shift of Importance From Textbook Memorization to Holistic Learning

Along with the benefits mentioned earlier, the overall learning system will also experience a shift. The current textbook memorization type of learning is proven to be a highly ineffective method. To combat the lack of effective learning, there are a few concepts that are starting to emerge and get integrated in education.

One of the most important and famous concepts out of those is STEM. It includes teaching fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education aims to develop critical thinking and boost a student’s capability to innovate in STEM fields. Not only that, but STEM Learning also teaches different ways of approaching problems and solving them.

STEM Learning Method

Here’s more about STEM Learning!

Social Emotional Learning

Apart from STEM, there are other things that a lot of schools are implementing in the curriculum. For instance, social emotional learning is showing great success for the schools who are starting to include it in the syllabus. Students develop better interpersonal skills and improve their social life and interactions. There is also a heavy emphasis on language comprehension and fluency. So, students with a brilliant academic ability, also get to express and communicate their talent in a better way. Besides, literature in itself is starting to become an amazing career option!

We can go on and on about different things that schools are starting to work on like personality development, general knowledge, sports, liberal arts, etc. This makes it easier for students who aspire to work in those fields. Especially with the efforts that the government is taking with NEP 2020 and other policies, holistic education is the Trend for learning beyond 2022.

That was all about the current implementations and changes happening in our education system. What about upcoming trends and innovations though?

Future Trends & Innovations in Learning Concepts

Despite having a variety of quality education changes happening currently, there is still a host of things left unexplored. The combination of sociological theories and advancements in technology, the potential for new innovations in learning concepts is high!

Design Thinking in Schools

One of the most intriguing concepts that will likely show up in education, is design thinking. For now, there are limitations about the viability of teaching design thinking to students, but with time it would be a great addition to the curriculum. It will create a growth mindset and a problem solving, analytical attitude in students.

Applied Learning is another amazing concept where students can learn by direct application of things they study. This is already practiced in some ways like science labs. However, applied learning of a lot of difficult concepts can be implemented for a much easier and fun learning experience for the students.

Want to Find More Future Trends and Innovations?

Speaking of fun, Gamification is a great concept that some educators are expecting to see in coming years. It’s all about using the fun aspect of gaming elements to study. This becomes a win-win situation in all ways for a child’s experience. These are all things that utilize the best of technology to bring better education to the students. So, keep an eye out for technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. that will accelerate the improvement of education delivery and learning experience.

Gamification for Schools

How iDEP Empowers Students for Their Bright Futures

The Integrated Digital Education Program empowers students by providing them life-changing education technology. It increases the standard of education delivery by making the learning process digital and accessible to all students.

iDEP also familiarizes students with technology and gives them the opportunity to get themselves equipped with it.

iDEP - integrated Digital Education Platform

Here’s How iDEP Can Make a Lasting Impact on Your Students:

Benefits of iDEP
  • Students get access to iDEP digital e-learning app with interactive chapter videos and lessons
  • Chapter-wise curriculum for all subjects which is updated regularly to maintain the education standard 
  •  Multiple practice worksheets for students to test their knowledge of a subject or small topics
  • Chapter-wise quizzes after all lessons to make memorizing topics and tests interesting
  • Competitive exam mocks for higher grade students preparing to give board exams for their class
  • Building English language proficiency along with reading and writing comprehension
  • Students get to learn through experience instead of the bland one-way communication
  • Detailed analysis of academic progress to figure out areas of improvement and best qualities of the students
  • Easy remote connection with the school in case of any management or administration-related reasons

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