About Us

iDEP An initiative by GurujiWorld Technologies 

Empowering School Ecosystems 

Where education meets technology, to build a bright future for every child.

In the 21st century, learning has to go beyond textbooks. Institutions must blend technology and digital content into the traditional teaching methods. Teachers also need to be versatile, changing teaching tactics on-demand.  All progress needs to be monitored and data driven, analytics providing guidelines for remedial planning. This is the new future and it has arrived in the form of integrated digital education platform – iDEPThe future of education. 

iDEP - integrated Digital Education Platform

Creators of iDEP

The integrated digital education program – iDEP is a project launched by GurujiWorld Technologies as a tool to improve the current education system in India. Established in 2008, GurujiWorld has been in the education technology industry for over 10+ years with numerous initiatives. Currently, we are completely focussed on achieving the full potential of iDEP by bringing it to as many schools as we can. 

Our vision

We believe that education doesn’t need to be complicated. So, our vision is to simplify learning by inculcating the best teaching and school support practices. To do that we want to innovate technology and create solutions that will provide a bright future for every child. 

iDEP's Vision to Create a Bright Future for Every Child
iDEP's Mission to Reach 5M+ Students by 2025

Our mission

GurujiWorld’s mission through iDEP is to find newer and more effective educational technology solutions. We are also determined to take modern technology to rural India and infuse our schools with it. Primarily, we want to empower 5M+ students in tier 2, tier 3 schools by 2025 to get them well-equipped for the future.