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“One book, one pen, one child, one teacher and one school can change the world.”

                                                                 – Malala Yousafzai 

The Challenges in Managing a School Without Technology

Challenges in Managing a School

Schools face a massive challenge in managing day-to-day tasks and in making sure that the administration processes work swiftly. Moreover, they need to ensure that the teachers and students are getting the best resources possible, to maintain the quality of education. 

With all that intense pressure, it’s easy for the schools to be overwhelmed without the right kind of support. 

For instance, let’s take an example of the admission process. Whenever a new student applies, they have to go through an extensive process which requires frequent visits to the school. Having a large number of students apply all at once can fluster the authorities. Now, that’s just one example of many where a lack of proper infrastructure and technology can hamper the progress of a school. That’s why having an understanding of how to adequately handle school administration and management is crucial!

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How Education Technology Is and Can Be a Part of Schools

Technology Enablement for Schools

The problems that a school faces are serious. Fortunately, technology can solve most, if not all of them. The 2020 COVID pandemic started a chain reaction where the schools had to come up with a new way of delivering education. Well, not just education, but the administrative processes also require innovation. 

In the learning oriented side of education technology, schools have started adopting online teaching methods or a hybrid mode in conjunction with e-learning apps. That allows the school to acquire ready-made resources and teaching material.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Education Technology

On the other hand, schools have created online portals and ERP platforms which help them govern all major administration processes. Those processes range from admissions, fee collection, student results/marksheets, and everything in between. But, what are some of the specific benefits that Education Technology has for Schools?

Benefits of Integration of Technology in Schools

  • Advanced Classrooms & Better Education Delivery

    As the School incorporates Education Technology, they also digitize their schools and add modern equipment to the classrooms. This results in a more advanced system that positively influences education delivery.

  • Easy Management & Administration

    The maintenance of records, data, and a lot of administrative processes are tedious and repetitive tasks. With adequate technological support, schools can handle all of them with a breeze and make the management’s life easy and efficient.

  • Increased Accessibility for Teachers and Students

    Sometimes, a lack of good schools in a town can lead to a lot of students missing out on quality education. With distance learning solutions and e-learning apps, teachers and students can attend classes from anywhere.

  • Better Communication Within the School and With External Entities

    Communication is essential to connect all pillars of education, i.e. Schools, Teachers, Students, and Parents. Technological solutions like ERP systems and even school websites can act as a good medium for communication between all of these pillars.

  • Higher Level of Digital Literacy & Competency

    Stepping into 2022 and beyond, technology will become an essential part of our lives. Being surrounded by education technology will help the school ecosystem be familiar with all the technology and get better at it!

  • Stay Current With Latest Trends and Innovations in Education

    Technology and trends in education keep getting more advanced and refined. Implementing education technology in your school’s daily proceedings will enable you to experience these advancements and trends in real-time.

Education Technology Solutions That Schools Can Integrate Into Their Ecosystem

School Management Systems

A School Management System is a platform which can help schools run their organization more effectively. It can handle all administrative duties, admission processes, communication, and a host of other things that schools need. This makes all data handling and modifications quick and easy.

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classrooms are digital versions of actual classrooms where the teachers can conduct classes and students can attend them. Virtual classrooms also have features like adding and saving notes, recording class sessions, etc. One of the best things about a virtual classroom is that it makes learning fun for the students.

Education Technology Solutions for Schools

Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System is a software that manages end-to-end learning processes. This includes teaching resources and materials, learning content created by the school, tests, and much more. With an LMS, teachers and schools can streamline education delivery.

Web Services

Web Services like an ERP system or even just a regular website is a must for every school. ERP systems bring all departments of the school for better coordination and smooth operations. And, a website increases credibility and reassures the parents that the school is technologically adept.

How iDEP Integrates Education Technology With Existing School Systems ​

The Integrated Digital Education Platform is an Ed-Tech solution that will answer all challenges faced by schools. This includes all the education delivery problems and school management troubles. 

iDEP allows a school to transform itself from an out-dated traditional educational institute into a modern future-ready digital learning sanctuary.

iDEP - integrated Digital Education Platform

Here’s How iDEP Can Change Your School for the Better:​

Benefits of iDEP
  • Provide an all-in-one Digital School Platform that creates a smooth and efficient eco-system
  • School Website and ERP system to digitize your school’s presence and enable an easy medium to handle administrative tasks
  • Improved fee collection process which implements cashless transactions for easy transfer and deposit of students’ fees
  • Easier and faster admission process with no need for constant physical visits
  • Marketing support from our team to increase your brand awareness and get more admissions
  • Digital app for teachers and students to help them become well-equipped with better source material
  • Increased digital literacy for all concerned entities which also improves their competency with the modern technological boom

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